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Unbelievable but true, it seems that TikTok is still not satisfied with its leadership and wants to expand further. Takeovers by Spotify and Apple Music – among others – are going to “impact” the sector

Nowadays, there is a reference social network that is distinguishing itself more clearly from others: We are talking tick tock. The ByteDance giant has managed to build an unprecedented reputation over the past few years, thanks to the number of users who have started publishing many updates and successful videos.

According to what has been revealed in the last few hours, TikTok is also considering expanding into the music streaming sector (Adobe Stock).

And the phenomenon does not seem destined to stop in the short term, on the contrary. In fact, it seems the company wants to expand further and aims to become a leader in another sector: music streaming. tiktok music May soon become a reality, as is going to challenge the already established reality Spotify add Apple Music. Can he talk to her? Here are all possible scenarios for the future.

TikTok Music Could Be Real, Here’s What We Know

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Here’s what TikTok Music might hold in terms of scenarios and possible future projections. And now Spotify and Apple Music are shaking (Adobe Stock)

Already in reality today, on tick tock There is a hub dedicated to discovering new music. The union between social networks and music has always been very strong. Think of the many remixes published by users that go viral, or actual songs that get millions of plays on various streaming platforms. Social network byteDance. However, it now wants to go further, establishing itself directly in the music sector with its own subscription service.

That’s what we’re talking about tiktok music, with the trademark already filed in the US last May. It is not yet clear how this name will be used. There are those who think of integrating a simple service into the core app. And instead those who dream big and already think of an app Buying, streaming and sharing music and various albums. Or even “homemade” videos, created directly by artists and then shared on TikTok We’ll see what happens in the future, but if the meta is already desperately trying to emulate Colossus today, sooner rather than later Spotify add Apple Music They may have to start watching their backs.

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