Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan season 3 trailer has been released




chief video Little by little it is nourished by quite interesting series, we are clear about this with its arrival The Boys, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and clearly declared god of war with their respective shows. For their part, some already integrated programs such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan They continue to build fans.

This leads the show to two seasons with a third on the way and to express the excitement that fans have, a new video has been released showing all the emotions we are about to experience. Special missions, beloved characters and of course, winks that those most familiar with the series will quickly recognize.

Here you can check it:

This is the synopsis for season 3:

Jack Ryan Season 3 John Krasinski’s character tries to prevent a new world war from taking place after he becomes embroiled in a plot to resurrect the former Soviet empire. Jack finds himself on a red notice for his arrest, making him an enemy of the government. Familiar faces such as Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly return as CIA officer James Greer and former CIA officer Mike November.

Note that the premiere for the chapters is next December 21 inside Prime Video.

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