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An app to change skin. With different purposes and jokes, but fun. Here are the best programs to download on your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to share unique photos on social networks

One so farApp For everything. Work, Leisure, Entertainment and Fun: Android Play Store and iOS App Store allow users, young and old, to make the most of the potential of their hardware products (smartphones and tablets) and in some cases, even tear the skin off. . In the truest sense of the word, believe.

App (Photo Canva)
App (Photo Canva)

Thanks to its driving forceArtificial intelligenceIt is actually possible to transform your face into a famous character Cartoon. A gimmick, the latter, which in addition to pleasing the little ones (but we’re sure, in some cases, even the older ones), all but replicates what was seen on the iPhone with Memoji. Similar to the functionality introduced at Apple, programs are also available in the Play Store and App Store that recognize users’ facial features, adapting the avatar to the person’s expression in real time. And you don’t have to spend anything, considering that the best apps we’ll review are in many cases available for free to all users

Most downloaded and appreciated app by users for editing selfies in a fun way

iPhone (Canva)

But what is this program? The most famous one is without a doubt This is AI artist cartoon picture: As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence powers this application which has become very popular especially on Instagram. Starting from a photograph or a selfie, each user can apply a cardboard effect to their face or even transform themselves into a 15th, 18th or 20th century painting. For those looking for something more special, the app also offers some interesting caricatures, especially for avatars.

It is also very familiar Cartoon 3D style, available on the Snapchat Lens Carousel. Be careful though Director of Photography, which uses artificial intelligence to transform selfies and portraits into different styles of cartoons, taking a strong inspiration from Japanese anime. You can download it for free on Android and iPhone.

Many will know ToonMe, an app that transforms not just the face but the entire body into a cartoon, always exploiting the paradigmatic features of artificial intelligence. Also in this case it is a free program available on Android and iPhone, and therefore with a very wide coverage of users.


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