Turkey has the most expensive iPhone 14 in the world


Brazil has been known to own the world’s most expensive iPhone for years. This happened iPhone 12And iPhone 13Eben The third generation iPhone SE. But this time, a different country has occupied the first place in the ranking. through search Nikini share with 9 to 5 MacTurkey now has the most expensive iPhone 14 in the world.

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every year Nikini It updates their rankings based on iPhone prices taken from Apple’s website for each country. Prices vary based on local currency and local taxes in each country. While some people are used to seeing Brazil at the top of the list, the iPhone 14 is here to change that.

It’s worth noting that the study considers two different rates for the United States and Canada, as local taxes in these countries vary by state (although some states don’t even have local taxes). With that in mind, Turkey is now, at least officially, where the world’s most expensive iPhone 14 is located.

Taking the iPhone 14 Pro as an example, the 128GB version costs $2193.15 there. Brazil ranks second with the same device, which costs $1,823.19. The cheapest places to buy the iPhone 14 Pro are the US and Japan, where the device costs $999 (excluding local taxes) and $1,039.46, respectively. Other countries where iPhone 14 is very expensive to buy are India, Hungary and Poland.

The situation isn’t much different for the base model of the iPhone 14, which starts at $829 in the US (taking SIM-free prices into account). After the US, the iPhone 14 128GB costs $831.29 in Japan. Turkey then topped the list again with the same device priced at $1,699.68 – more than double the price in the US.

Does Turkey own the world’s most expensive iPhone 14?

As we have already explained, there are several factors that affect the price of Apple devices around the world. When it comes to Turkey, the country is facing a serious economic crisis with high inflation rates Over 80% for the first time in over 20 years.

Back in 2021, Apple has suspended product sales in Turkey Because within a few hours the national currency lost 15% of its value against the dollar. After resuming sales in Turkey, Apple raised the price of its products by 25%. App store prices and subscriptions have also increased in the country due to the depreciation of the local currency.

Other countries must expect prices to rise

However, Turkey is not the only country in the world suffering from inflation. After yesterday’s announcement Apple has quietly raised the prices of its products in other European countries. For example, the third-generation iPhone SE has dropped from £419 to £449 in the UK

Both the euro and sterling have fallen in value due to internal and external issues such as the war in Ukraine, prompting companies such as Apple to adjust their rates to offset the weaker currency. After yesterday’s incident, has Apple increased the price of its products in your country? Let us know in the comments below.

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