Twitch, TransX streamer’s victim story of swatting: This is what happened –


shake, despite very famous It has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand we see the possibility of publishing an unlimited amount of content, on the other hand we also see the unfortunate event that we may be insulted or discriminated against. But what has happened recently in that regard and how difficult can it be to endure such events?

Even at night we couldn’t dream that we said – a situation like

The story stars trans Twitch streamer Clara “CephalusSorrenti, also known as a political commentator, was arrested by Canadian police after a botched case. In case you don’t know: the word in question is the verb used to prevent i emergency servicesEven pretending to be operators of other emergency services, progressives send emergency units to a specific location based on false reports of a serious incident.

Based on the streamer’s account, the police apprehended him and confiscated his account Twitch Because he is still suspected and under investigation for a crime he did not commit. But he is clearly known for other reasons: Kefalos’ stream devoted to politics and issues The LGBTQ+ community They have gained him a large following, but many enemies as it should be.

Unwarranted arrest of Kefals

The Story of Transsex Streamer Swatting Victims on Twitch: This Is What Happened
Many streamers are victims of injustice –

And aside from commenting on transphobic statements like journalists Helen Joyce or JK Rowling, the streamer has often used her channel to activism, generated quite a bit of controversy right after he was banned for talking about abuse or when he targeted right-wing commentators like Tim Poole. But if he seemed good, why was he treated like this? criminal?

It looks like someone is using it identityLondon, Ontario wrote an email to all city councillors, saying he killed his mother, had an illegal firearm and planned to go to city hall to take his own life. cisgender people Current But it does not seem to have been properly verified: the e-mails contain numerous grammatical errors, and yet the police took them seriously, arrested him and registered him with his old name, legally changed more than ten years ago.

Keffals, in this regard, was already there Search warrant The police used it to search his apartment.”A weapon, ammunition, cartridges, cleaning equipment, a holster, cell phone and computerand confiscate all his assets including work tools. The question brought to light an issue that was not only overlooked and considered absurd as a situation, but we have to ask ourselves at this point if this is the end we will hear.

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