Twitter Launches ‘Holiday Hub’ to Help Marketers Prepare for the Holiday Season



It’s now 102 days till Christmas, and while 2020 hasn’t left us with much to celebrate, and it’s looking like Christmas will remain challenging, in many ways, people are also looking for something positive, something to look forward to. And for many, Christmas, and the holiday period, will still be a key celebration.

And maybe, if things go well (COVID-19 case numbers reducing, vaccine trials advancing), it could become a major point of celebration and connection. That could make this a key period to maximize your business opportunities, and ideally, recoup at least some of the losses incurred throughout the various disruptions of a turbulent and entirely unpredictable year.

To help with this, this week, Twitter has launched a new ‘Holiday Hub’ mini-site, where it will collect a range of resources and guides to help marketers make the most of the upcoming season.

Twitter Holiday Hub

The hub includes links to a range of advice guides and case studies, as well as Twitter’s ad tools, insights on holiday usage, and more.

Twitter holiday hub

Twitter’s also included a new 2020 holiday calendar for reference:

Twitter Holiday Hub

Twitter did release a full calendar of key dates for events and holidays in 2020 earlier in the year, but with so many things canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, it’s now largely redundant. This new, more basic overview highlights the key dates to keep in mind in your planning, and serves as a handy quick reference and reminder point for marketing teams.   

Right now, Twitter’s Holiday Hub is fairly basic – though there are definitely some valuable resource notes and guides included to help inspire your thinking. Twitter also plans to add more to the hub over time, so if you’re looking for new ideas and tips, it might be worth bookmarking for future reference.

You can check out the Twitter Holiday Hub here.


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