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Everyday life is now made up of thousands of notifications. We have a lot of chats on our mobile phones (WhatsApp leads) to send us a lot of any game or any kind of application.

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Then there are System notification Cell phones that, on the other hand, are often not as pleasant as a message from the heart: in fact, we often talk about “exhausted memory” on cell phones, despite which Storage Very important, come and go meets it.

WhatsApp, Even if there is no fault of its own, it is often the biggest culprit of cell phone memory blockage not so much for the underlying weight of the application, but for the media that is exchanged between it (and therefore stored). Let’s see why and how to fix it.

WhatsApp, here’s how not to fill your phone’s memory

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First you need to try to understand how WhatsApp Chat exchange media relations. When you send a document or a picture to a chat (whether it be private or group), and this document may be sent back to another group where we are also, the document is double-stored on our phone.

And if the document is sent 10 times, we will automatically find that file Archived 10 times And storage space will be occupied 10 times its size. But there are obviously systems to solve this problem, some paying and some not.

The first thing, intuitively, is set WhatsApp So that pictures and documents do not come Saved automatically In the phone’s physical memory, lets the user choose which files to keep and which to leave in the “ether” of the chat.

Then there are the possibilities, before creating one Random deletion of surplus filesTo run a Backup Of all the files in WhatsApp, to avoid losing important files in case of accidental deletion. In principle, there are many systems for storing this data, both free and paid, although of course payers allow storage without a storage limit when free space is limited.

Only after backing up, you can free up space in different ways depending on whether you are working Android o iOS About Android, You must first delete many large or forwarded files and you must delete duplicate copies of the same file. The path to follow on Whatsapp is as follows: Chat> Settings> Space & Data> Manage space> Forwarded many times> Delete> Delete copy.

The method in iOS is not very different from Android. On IPhone For example, here’s how to follow: Settings> Space & Data> Manage space> Forward multiple times> Delete items and any copy.

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