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There is always an annoying parlance in a large magnification of the new USB generation, a speed of 2.1. However, there is always a startup Olandese abbia related to its specificity, its need for innovation and higher performance, without even the slightest hint of relevance to the press. At the end of the day, there were many rumors, rumors and episodes, some of the concret comicia trapelare.

Cavo USB C 20220504 CMAG
Cavo USB C – Adobe Stock

This is the state of the first cavity that is exposed, the condition of the object, which raddoppiats the quantitative of the potential that can be transported, the abstraction of the abbot. power brick Proprietary for all trains and more robotic laptops.

The best thing that can happen to you if you look at it is to identify a maximum of 240 W of potency, and finally 40 Gbps per day.

Qualcosa di revoluzionario si sta preparando

USB C 20220504 cmag
USB C – Adobe Stock

Numeri che provengono da un produttore olandese chiamato Club3D (tramite Tom’s Hardware) which does not sell on its own site and does not seem to have much access to presses and recipients.

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Find more gadget projects to utilize 240 W of alimentation USB-C, The USB-C caricature of the 240 W battery, which is not available in the new version but is not available in grades of high quality. If the revolution is preparing, it will not be possible to get deeper.

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From scratch settembre, infatti, l’USB Implementers Forum Releases new line-of-command USB-C 2.1: Feel that the product has a lot of combinations and combining capacities that are extremely efficient.

Not only Club3D has a cavity in a metro with the Santo Graal video 8K / 60, 40 Gbps at data and 240 W capacity, but also a cavity in two metrics with only the meta of the velocity data. The newcomers in the cavity in Tutto Sarebbero tre. Dulcis in the fund, one of the two metrics that can transport only 480 Mbps per day.

However, it is important to note that these cats are often contraindicated for farther saplings as well as efficient capacities. The startup Olandese, with all the receipts but also a small rivenditor, has the same trappings and primitive rudiments from cavi USB C 2.1, to say the least.

It is important to know that a cavity of 240 W can be found in the almond sei piedi and mezzo di lunghezza, since it solves one point per part for peri lungi. Tant’è. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. He arrives at the moment which is the most beautiful thing, or the present tale.


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