What is penetration testing? 11 hacking tools the pros use


What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing (or pentesting) is a simulated cyber attack where professional ethical hackers break into corporate networks to find weaknesses … before attackers do.

It’s like in the movie Sneakers, where hacker-consultants break into your corporate networks to find weaknesses before attackers do. It’s a simulated cyber attack where the pentester or ethical hacker uses the tools and techniques available to malicious hackers.

Why you need to do pentesting

Again, pentesting shows you where and how a malicious attacker might exploit your network.This allows you to mitigate any weaknesses before a real attack occurs.

According to recent research from Positive Technologies, pretty much every company has weaknesses that attackers can exploit. In 93% of cases, pentesters were able to breach the network perimeter and access the network. The average amount of time needed to do so was four days. At 71% of the companies, an unskilled hacker would have been able to penetrate the internal network.

Top pentesting tools

Back in ye olde days of yore, hacking was hard and required a lot of manual bit fiddling. Today, though, a full suite of automated testing tools turn hackers into cyborgs, computer-enhanced humans who can test far more than ever before.

Why use a horse and buggy to cross the country when you can fly in a jet plane? Here’s a list of the supersonic tools that make a modern pentester’s job faster, better, and smarter.

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