WhatsApp Desktop introduces the following messages: one such function –



At the moment beta version, even the WhatsApp Desktop arrives with the messages. Ecco come funzionano

Continue reading the part of the team of sviluppatori per rendere WhatsApp Always more advanced and sooner or later. The latest developments and new functionalities in the studio are on the other side, albeit in a way that makes them feel more relaxed and more that we want more perfection.

whatsapp reazioni 20220224
Your WhatsApp desktop is finally available for messages and messages (Adobe Stock)

From time to time rice recipes, un po ‘come già succede su Telegram. With the release of beta version 2.2207.0, also WhatsApp Desktop You can finally use this feature. Nell’attesa del rollout a livello globale, di cui non si hanno ankora notizie specifiche.

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WhatsApp Desktop, how to make messages and functions

whatsapp reazioni 20220224
Sono ben sei le emoji disponibili, e cià sarà una faccina dedicata di fianco al messaggio scelto per aprirle (screenshot WABetaInfo)

At the moment beta version, su WhatsApp Desktop è Possible insirre le rice recipes and messages. Here’s the latest news from WABetaInfo, which has even published some screenshots to give you an idea that you need to know. Sono ben If this emoji is not available: The pollinator in the sea, the cherry blossom, the emoji that rides with the lacrime, the emoji a bocca aperta, the emoji with the lacrima and the mani a preghiera. The test for aggregating the reaction – which is represented by a faqina al lato – is not always visible, but compares only when the cursor does not press the message.

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La version 2.2207.0 This app is not relevant to open beta, but dovrebbe essere question dei giorni. Different, invisible, impotence the temporal realities of global warming. Almost in this case, as a matter of fact, it is difficult to decide which swallows to decide on the agglomeration and remittance in the cantilever. The reaction to the message is really real, but only when all the functions are very perfected. Don’t miss out on attending the new Dell ‘azienda di Zuckerberg a riguardo.


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