WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, disarming news: they are all connected



Communities are practically a reality. Soon groups of groups will once again change the way we understand WhatsApp, making it even better. Now there’s no doubt about it: the world’s number one messaging app, as well as Mark Zuckerberg’s flagship, is the driving force behind the entire Meta ecosystem.

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Social network – Cellulari.it

After some companies release a tool sheet Android Beta e iOS Beta, California’s instant messaging is poised to follow a new path, now launching an in-app banner to advise companies on ways to attract new customers.

An idea born almost a year ago, when the developers aimed to create ads that lead to WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business: a new and innovative way for companies to bring smartphone, Android or iOS the same, hypothetical new customers. How? Thanks to some ads that click on WhatsApp and redirect to their account.

A new tool for extending the client

This allows companies that have not yet linked their accounts WhatsApp A Facebook e Instagram They will just get a new in-app banner to use this feature and use one of the most updated beta versions of the app. The screenshots, shown by the always well-known Wabetinfo, show precisely the novelty, which entices, and not a little, those who can exploit what application As a phenomenon of integration, but also a tool to “capture” new people.

i i l Banner in-app When WhatsApp Business opens up and offers companies a way to reach new customers by linking their accounts to Facebook or Instagram. First, however, you need to make another connection first, that of your account. Thus, companies can reach new followers by advertising on these platforms.

The functionality, already available in the beta version since last year, was specifically addressed with this announcement on Facebook or Instagram, through which you can quickly start a WhatsApp chat with the company. Businesses can even track their ads directly within WhatsApp.

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Social Media – Cellular.it

As additional information to prevent misinformation, please note that these types of ads will only appear on Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp is not testing any form of advertising in its application for the future: you always have control over your conversations so that you can block activities if you receive unwanted messages, confirms a new policy whatsapp, Where security and privacy are at the heart of the Church. Now a mantra. The new in-app banner is available to some beta testers after installing one of the latest beta versions of WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS and will roll out to more users in the coming days.


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