White and Pinkman are going to make appearances in this BCS Atomics


It was finally released earlier this week after months of waiting breaking badepisode of Good call Saul, where, as its name suggests, we saw the return of Walter White, Bryan Cranston and Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. Although the series introduced us to a new scene between Saul and these characters, The original plan was different.

During an interview on the AMC blog, the episode’s director and writer Thomas Schnauze noted that White and Pinkman look Good call Saul To be held at the attorney’s office, and not with the abductions that we saw in Chap. What was said about it was:

“We were looking for a place: where [en la lĂ­nea de tiempo] Walter White show back? We’ve talked for a long time about the moment Brandon Mayhew’s uncle walks through the door and tries to hire him, but it just didn’t feel right or dramatic enough. Looking back at all the different scenes, we realized that it was the kidnapping and when they were planning how they were going to save the badger and it seemed like a really sweet spot to fill in, ‘What do these people say? After trying to kidnap each other?

And in this case, the ride back is filled with an awkward VR stand and they have to sit awkwardly together in the dark looking at each other.

In the episode, Gene again tries to draw a parallel between Saul Goodman and who Saul was in the past, and Gene and why he became Saul. In episode 6×09 we do 2001 [ A Space Odyssey] The moment the bone becomes the spaceship, where Kim [Rhea Seehorn] Breaks up with her and tells her how she hid the truth about Mike and Lalo from her [Tony Dalton] They were alive, and then it became Saul Goodman.”

The next episode of Better Call is called Saul WaterworksPremieres on August 8, then Saul is gone On the 15th of this month, thus concludes this series. In a related matter, Albuquerque honored the series’ actors. Similarly, breaking bad Netflix will leave.


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