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The idea of ​​another live action Dragon Ball movie is something fans want, and at the same time they don’t want to see it become a reality. Thus, one user in particular took advantage of the community’s sentiments and tricked quite a few people by publishing it Henry Cavill will play Vegeta in an alleged tape Dragon Ball G. T.

It all started when the DBGTLegacy Twitter account shared as a joke, A leak in which it was mentioned that Henry Cavill will play Vegeta In a live action movie Dragon Ball G. TThis is due to his already iconic mustache that he sported Mission Impossible: Fallout. Even this information has been published in different media. However, this user clarified the situation in a recent video.

It goes without saying, but it’s important to mention There are currently no plans for a live action movie Dragon Ball G. T. This was all a joke on behalf of DBGTLegacy. However, this led many fans to start creating their own cast for such a film, and not surprisingly, Henry Cavill as Vegeta was something that many agreed upon.

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