With this trick you can use this app without spending a euro, just a simple click


Smartphones have forced their way into our lives and activities for years, and continue to do so more and more. Any of us who own a cell phone are constantly exposed to updates and news that, let’s face it, not everyone is able to keep up with. In fact, keeping pace with the changing technology is not easy at all.

The latest generation of mobile phones are sold already well equipped, and therefore users can already find many applications on the main screen of their smartphone that they can use immediately, some are now considered essential. It contains the most used apps WhatsApp, Tutti and social networks, YouTube, Amazon, And of course the whole Google package.

How to save in this app (Canva)

Google is undoubtedly present in a major way On new smartphones, with multiple applications that are now used by millions of people. The world’s most used and famous search engine, it helps anyone with a mobile phone find everything they need, wherever they are.

Google Maps, so you can save

Wide demand, among downloaded and used applications, no doubt Maps, Google Navigator Where everyone resorts when they need to move, travel and more. Indeed maps provide much valuable information.

How to use apps offline
Use the offline map 20112022-cellulari.it

Google Maps is easy to use, just enter the starting point – which can be automatically detected if location detection is enabled – and obviously an arrival point. At this point, you can choose the mode in which you want to tackle the path, in practice Your chosen mode of transport: On foot, by car or by public transport.

However, maps provide important information, and for this reason are often consulted just to find out How far is the journey? and especially Approximate time to do this. This element is very important, and it is undoubtedly an important aspect that leads many users to use this app, because especially in big cities and especially during chaotic moments of the day, it can help to understand the time and Organize your trip better.

But there is one problem that Maps, like many apps, presents to its users: Data and battery consumption. In fact, the navigator is often used for a long time, perhaps for a rather long trip or journey, and this inevitably leads to data traffic and smartphone battery consumption. However, there is a way to drastically reduce this cost and the trick is very simple. As soon as you choose your destination, open the map and launch Search bar write downok map”; At this point you will see “Download map?” You will see a screen with text and do it below Click on “Download”. And…voilà, you will have the map downloaded on your mobile phone, to consult quietly offline and without draining the battery.

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