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Health+ as a health companion

French manufacturer Withings presented some new products at IFA 2022. Among other things, a health station is celebrating its premiere with a body scan. In addition, a new body analysis scale appeared: Body Comp, intended to combine several functions in one device and help optimize one’s health.

with Body Comp Hat Withings A new body analysis scale is introduced that will allow a complete analysis of body composition. According to the manufacturer, the proportion of visceral fat mass that can accumulate around the abdominal organs has been recorded for the first time. Its evaluation is also possible Heart health and nerve activity in the legs. The latter is measured using electrochemical skin conductance. The elasticity of the blood vessels and the age of the vessels can also be determined. Body Comp is said to be the first personal scale to combine all these features in one device.

Bild: Withings

The Body Comp is the first device from the manufacturer to come with the new Health + Health Services Consistently it should be used to evaluate measured health data. Users then receive personalized health tips through the app. Accordingly, the service suggests training programs and recipes to improve your own health. To do this, the software has a library that offers several six-week habit-building modules. The Health+ app is available for both Android and iOS.

from 4. October 2022 On is the white and black Withings Body Comp Manufacturer’s website In terms of available prices, the scales are approx 210 euros. In addition to Scale, buyers get 12 months of access to Health+ services. After the first year, the annual subscription costs just under 80 euros.


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