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Bohemia Interactive announced the release today Elands Update 1.11 – Clever craft The announcement update introduces loot tables, new monsters, and an overhaul of the crafting menu. There is a new gift system and a brand new UI for buying and selling blueprints Update 1.11 is now available on Steam, MS Store, App Store and Google Play.

New look, new loot

Crafty Crafts offers Ylanders a convenient new way to buy, sell and browse blueprints. The blueprint saving process has also been streamlined so that players don’t have to wait long to claim items. There is also a new gifting system that players can use to send pets, clothing, emotes and more. The crafting menu is now faster and more intuitive. In short, Ylands UI has changed and looks better than ever.

And what would an adventure be without a part of coincidence? One of the new features in Update 1.11 is the ability to get loot from random encounters in the form of rewards and perks. Each region also has different upgraded weapons, new monsters and a special new pet only available during the holidays. A new handy toolbox lets players create objects easily, and visual scripting improvements make the creation process even easier.

“Personally, I’m really excited about the new loot mechanic”said The Ylands project is led by AleŇ° Ulm. “What you get from killing monsters is now more random and rewarding, bringing the game back a little closer to the RPG genre.”

More information about Ylands is available here www.ylands.com.

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