🟢 Whatsapp: News is coming that will change everything, disrupt the application forever



All users on WhatsApp have been notified. Something new is coming that promises to change everything. Speaking of a real boom for messaging platforms: Here’s what to know

Messaging platforms play an increasingly major role in our daily lives. Millions of users log in every day WhatsApp, Telegram or other realities to easily communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues. The means of communication between messages, multimedia content, audio notes and document exchange are many and complete.

whatsapp 20221024 cellulari.it
Soon there may be a news on WhatsApp that will turn the application completely upside down (unsplash).

The reference point in this sense is definitely represented by WhatsApp. Meta knows its platform well Continuous growth phenomenon That we feel, and want to feed it with many useful and effective updates According to what WABetaInfo experts have discovered, there is one that may soon enter a stable plant and is preparing it The appeal is forever overturned.

WhatsApp, an innovation in the app that has never been seen before

whatsapp 20221024 cellulari.it
The introduction of unique avatars seems imminent (Adobe Stock).

A great innovation discovered by the experts at WABetaInfo, currently only available in beta version but which should soon be made permanent for users around the world. A process has been going on in WhatsApp for some time now Authorize all major services provided by Meta. And then Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. In the larger discourse associated with the metaverse, there is one element that seems essential, viz Unique avatar.

The latter has already debuted on some of the platforms mentioned above and should soon be coming to WhatsApp as well. It was found that Digital alter-ego The application will be available in a dedicated section in Settings Once you have it perfected and customized as you see fit, it will be possible to use it in many different ways. such as Profile picturebut how sticker. In fact, a pack will be created automatically from the platform, so you can express your emotions using a dedicated label.

It remains to be seen how the entire functionality will be refined and when it will be made available in the stable version of the app. It should still be a matter of weeks, so meta Can add another tileor before the definitive emergence of the metaverse. We’ll see if more clues to this effect are identified between now and the end of the year, or we’ll have to wait for Zuckerberg’s company to open itself up.


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