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New rumors

The premier’s strong season continues and reaches its peak. After October kept us really busy, it’s time for November to wrap up with a bunch of new releases that we’re really dying to play. Just as expected, the next four weeks will be full of very important releases from the medium’s major publishers, some of them throwing their strongest cards for the end of the year. Needless to say, but prepare your portfolio, because if you want to play it all, the investment will really be substantial. Without further ado, here we present to you Here are five games we think you should keep an eye on in the coming months.

Harvest time

Square Enix just doesn’t stop and despite already having a very intense 2022 with constant releases on all fronts, it’s all set to bear its name for the month of November. Harvestella is one of the bets that Final Fantasy’s parents will make in the coming days This time we encounter an RPG that goes the way of the farming simulations that are so fashionable lately. The truth is that we don’t really know what the final outcome will be with this title, but from what has been shown so far, it looks like a solid delivery in all its categories. You can expect it on Nintendo Switch and PC starting this November 4.


Sonic Frontiers

Yes, time for a new Sonic 3D. We all know that the famous blue hedgehog’s passage through three dimensions has been rough to say the least. Sonic Team can’t find a way to combine the classic mechanics of Sega’s mascot with an open environment where we can move freely. Well, despite multiple failures, Sonic Frontiers has emerged as a new bet, one that leaves us with a significantly bigger stake in the risky path. Without a doubt, this particular game is the one that intrigues us the most, because basically it can go anywhere. We can have a great title that everyone talks about and on the other hand, it’s too subtle to find a real disaster. We’ll find out when it opens on November 8 for Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as current and past-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


God of War Ragnarök

Finally the wait is over. After a grueling development process with almost no end in sight, Santa Monica Studios and PlayStation are set to release the sequel to the legendary God of War in 2018. Expect Ragnarök for the God of War They are in heaven and without a doubt, it represents one of the most anticipated games of this 2022, for many it is the only one that can fight against Elden Ring for the title of the best game of the year. Kratos and Atreus return to their wanderings in the Nordic lands to conclude this story. We’ll be grabbing our axes and blades this November 9 when it releases exclusively on PS4 and PS5.


Strategy Ogre: Reborn

Turn-based strategy games have seen a resurgence in recent years. Things like the huge success of Fire Emblem have brought this considered niche genre to the masses and more publishers are betting on it. If you thought Harvestella was all Square Enix for the month of November, you’d be wrong, as the Japanese publisher will be testing the waters with a major relaunch. We are talking about Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a title that will take us back to the roots of the aforementioned genre with various improvements in every way. Undoubtedly, a great opportunity to try out not just a classic, but a key piece of video game history. Get ready to command an army on the 11th when it launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The frequency with which Pokemon games are coming out is starting to get overwhelming. Although at the beginning of this same 2022 we had the very funny Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company are ready to launch a completely new generation of the series, which intends to become the most important change of the brand. Been in a long time. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch this November 18 promises to let us explore a huge open world where we decide for ourselves what to do to complete our adventure. The truth is that what has been shown so far has us very excited and with the hope that, in fact, will come the much needed refreshment that the franchise so desperately needs.



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