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Do you remember abandoned? Well, Blue Box Game Studio’s work has returned to the public eye thanks to recent statements, in which Hideo Kojima has indicated that he is not involved with the project. Thus, a research behind the horror game has issued a statement They thank the Japanese developer for clarifying this situation.

Through its official Twitter account, Blue Box shared a message thanking Hideo Kojima for speaking openly about rumors of his participation. abandonedy Ask the fans to stop harassing both the Japanese developer and Hasan Kahraman, founder of the studio. This is what was said:

“We want to thank @Kojima_Hideo for publicly addressing the conspiracy. It’s a drag and not great for fans and developers alike We hope that everyone can stop this for good. We are working hard on the abandoned issue and would like to thank you for your patience!

Also, we ask fans to stop harassing Hideo Kojima regarding abandoned messages It’s not acceptable and it’s not entertaining.”

conversation about abandoned Revived in recent days is the fact that Hideo Kojima spoke about the game, denying his connection to the project during a recent episode of his podcast. Let us remember for a few months, Fans speculated that the developer was actually Hasan Kahramanand was secretly working together with Konami to create a new Silent Hill.

At the end of the day, none of this turned out to be true, and it was discovered that the material shown abandoned In order to attract investors to make it a reality, Which has not been achieved till date. On a related note, you can read more about Kojima’s statement here. Similarly, they accuse Blue Box of misleading investors.


Editor’s note:

Considering Konami has already announced multiple Silent Hill games, and rumors and leaks have revealed some of the projects that Kojima is working on, they’re still talked about. abandoned It is now redundant. Fans were excited because they thought the Blue Box action was going to mean the return of Silent Hill, but that wasn’t the case.

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