After the holidays we return to the sofa at home: here are the best cheap projectors for a respectable home cinema –


Very good review for the Vimgo P10 projector: the quality-price ratio not only convinces, but also surprises about the high-performance performance, especially for its range, with a good 300 lumen brightness. Let’s find out all the technical and aesthetic features.

Excellent review for Vimgo P10 projector quality-price ratio –

It is a portable battery powered projector in native resolution Full of high quality At 1080 px, minimum diagonal range 40 inches and max 120 and maximum sound Less than 30 dB. List Price: 299,00 euros.

Therefore a projector that, in terms of cost, settles in a part of the sector Medium-lowBut it manages to win praise from experts and enthusiasts for its performance admirable. And in some cases, as we revealed at the beginning of the article, even amazing.

nice thank you resolutionA good relationship oppositethe number of application Integrated into the operating system – a custom version of Android developed by the company – including Netflix, Vimgo P10 This is an excellent solution for a projection result without much need, but satisfactory and low cost.

Technical and aesthetic features of Vimgo P10

New Vimgo P10 7 September 2022
It is possible to pre-order the Vimgo P10 with a 50 euro discount valid until September 15th (link in the article) –

Let’s start from sizeExtremely compact: The Vimgo P10 projector has the length 21 cmfor its width 18,3 cm and a depth 13 cmA gross weight of 2.52 kg is going down Below 2 kg Instead in terms of weight net.

The processor is a MTK9269Supported by a RAM from 1 GB For a type projector LCD with a launch ratio equal to 1.25. The maximum supported resolution is 4Kwith focus adjustable By remote control.

Two audio units from 5 watts They offer cinema-like stereo sound, but you can opt for an external speaker, which must be purchased separately, that can be connected via technology. Bluetooth. Pre-orders are available on its e-commerce BuyBestGearwhich offers 50,00 euro discount using the code Early Bird P100906X Until September 15.

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