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Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the most famous companies in the world in terms of technology. Its products are of excellent quality, with a uniquely smart vein, a unique design and, above all, a price that is able to combine anything other than exaggeration.

Best Xiaomi Gagdate 20 Euro, 3/7/2022 –

In this regard we have decided to choose for you All of Xiaomi’s best products, for sale at a low price of 20 euros A nice list that will probably allow you to discover gadgets you don’t know about, but which can improve your daily life at a very low cost.

XIAOMI MI WI-FI Range Extender 6

Let’s start with a spectacular one Wi-Fi Extender, A Xiaomi branded signal repeater that lets you get Wi-Fi signals all over the house if you have problems. This is a very comfortable product that plugs into the socket, is easily configured with the app and is ready to use. Price of the 300 Mbps speed version 14.90 Euros, Although if you want the best performance you have to spend exactly double, 28.79 euros. (We want to tell both on these pages to give you a choice)

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro 300 Mpps at 14.90 Euros
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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Range Extender AC120 a 28.79 Euro, -4%
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We are in the area of ​​Wi-Fi, presenting an excellent Read router, Mi 4A AC1200. It is a Wi-Fi router with speeds ranging from 867 Mbps to 5 GHz and 300 Mbps to 2.4GHz, 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, 802.3 / 3u, 64MB RAM, 4 antennas, can be managed via Xiaomi app. Possibility to connect up to 64 devices, white, Amazon’s favorite product, for sale here Only 19.99 euros, with 29 percent discount: What an opportunity!

Xiaomi Mi Router 4A AC1200 a 19.99 Euro, -29%
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Wireless mouse and earphones

We continue with two smart devices and at the same time very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, read on Wireless mouse and headphones with Type-C connector. Both products can be sold in black and with other items at 15.99 euros (mouse), and 20.00 euros (headphones) with a 50 percent discount.

Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse Silent Edition (Black) A 15.99 Euro
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Xiaomi Headphones Type C BRE02JY, High-Race Audio and Type C Connector, Black for 20 Euros, -50%
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Power bank, battery charger and car charger

The space for Xiaomi products is specifically designed to recharge the battery. In this case we have made a selection Original charger with lots of micro USB cables, White color. Comfortable Power bank 10.000 mAh Dark blue, another Amazon favorite product, and a 37 W dual-port car charger, So equipped with two USB sockets. The three products are always sold for less than 20 euros.

Original Charger MDY-08-EO (V / 2A) + Micro USB Cable 13 Euro, -35%
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Xiaomi Fast Charge Power Bank is a 16.39 euro
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Xiaomi 37 W dual-port car charger 15.99 euros
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Bluetooth speaker, USB-C cable, temperature and humidity meter and night light

We close with others Four Xiaomi-brand goodies, Which you can buy at a very low price. The first one is Externally, A Bluetooth speaker, which is really worth buying, is only 13.50 euros. We then point to a nice one cavo USB-C to USB-C With fast data transfer speeds, 480 Mbps, at just 13.25 euros, 5% discount. A place for interesting Temperature and humidity sensors Strictly white, Xiaomi’s shade. This is a very small gadget that you can put anywhere in your home and which will record temperature and humidity: very useful especially during this extreme heat. Finally, space for Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2, A 3-in-1 intelligent night light with speed and light detection, 360 rotation, Bluetooth connection, for sale at 19.99 euros.

The Mi compact Bluetooth speaker is a 13.50 euro
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Xiaomi Cavo USB-C to USB-C is a 13.25 euro, -5%
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Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensor, at 18.89 euros
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Xiaomi Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2 to 19.99 Euros
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