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In the last few hours, Apple has announced several changes to the auto-renewal subscription in the App Store. Here is all the news

Plays a fundamental role in Apple’s economy Subscription to various services. Any user is an owner Device iOS You can subscribe to one at any time, simply by accessing the App Store and setting up your preferred payment method.

Apple recently announced that it has updated its regulations regarding subscription renewals through the App Store (Adobe Stock).

Definitely there Draw some rules In recent years, Apple has had to adhere to the rules for using the service. In the last few hours, the same company has decided to apply Important update. Especially in the case of automatic renewal, even in the case of monthly fee increases.

What changes with the App Store, subscription renewal

App Store Rules 20220517
Important news for both developers and consumers (Unsplash)

As mentioned earlier, Apple recently Updated rules Related Automatic renewal of membership In the App Store. There are some important new rules that developers have to follow, especially in terms of growth and their quantity. For more specifically, going Monthly and weekly subscriptions You cannot increase the price by more than $ 5 and up to 50% of the original price. That must be respected with both conditions.

For Annual passInstead, the increase cannot exceed মূল 50 and 50% of the original value. There are also lectures on growth without user consent, which can be done but not more than once a year. Until the previous version of the regulation, even the smallest price increase had to be confirmed by the customer. Now it will not be like that, renewal will happen anyway So that access to the service is not lost In case of not receiving update notification. We’ll see what the impact of such a change might be, for both developers and users. At the moment the reactions are mixed, but we are in the first hours of applying the new rules.

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