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There wasn’t too much sponsorship. I wonder why. Instead, Apple’s new service is something interesting, if not just a global thought. It appreciates a positive world, not in the new sense that has become frightening in the era marked by the coronavirus epidemic. But in its original sense.

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Community +, this is the name of Cupertino’s new service. The idea behind the initiative is to recognize, honor and celebrate members whose “positive attitude, skills and curiosity in finding new solutions” has made a “big impact” within the Apple community.

According to Apple, members of the Community + program will be able to access “special benefits, the White Glove experience and more.” Unfortunately, the California giant hasn’t yet fully clarified what these extra benefits are, or specified how it intends to deliver the promised “white gloves,” but it’s certainly a personal experience that tickles the imagination.

Community + from Apple: Needs to be met and blindfolded goddess kiss

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While what Apple has prepared for the community + members may sound interesting, there is an important caveat to remember. Community + membership is by invitation only. Somewhat similar to the early days of Gmail. Or like the social clubhouse, which has recently disappeared from the infamous radar. Too much too.

The main idea is that every year, Apple will invite a small group of users to join the program. Invitations are limited for the moment because Cupertino’s strategy is to “keep the program’s offers new and unique.”

To enter Community + The requirements of the apple are met, with a few kisses of the goddess tied to the eyelids, which never hurt. The suggestions come from a California company, looking for committed and active “bright stars”: members of the community who share “quality content and useful answers”. Members need to be role models who inspire others and improve the community.

In the Apple support community, we acknowledge that when a member has a positive attitude, experience, and curiosity about finding new solutions, it has a big impact on our community.“This is an excerpt from the official note:”We’ve created a worldwide Apple Community + program to honor and celebrate these members. Each year, we invite a small group of contributors from the highest levels of the community to join the program. This is our way of thanking you and showing our gratitude“All that’s left now is to wait for some more specific news.

Will be reached. Those who know from Cupertino can think positive.

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