Apple focuses on the health of users: an unexpected innovation that will change your life


Apple is moving forward with an innovation that will delight users with the iPhone and Apple TV

Ecosystems first. and service. Two concepts are closely related in its techniques appleBut it is a tool to improve the user experience and remove the temptation to go to the competition, which focuses on uncompromising technical data sheets (like the 200 megapixel camera of the latest Motorola Moto Edge 30 Ultra, which is now expected at home. Directly Xiaomi 12T Pro) and very special features. (Did someone say nothing phone?).

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From this promise takes shape supported by a novelty apple September 7 on the occasion of the presentation of the new iPhone 14 and the last keynote of the Apple Watch, dedicated to sports and fitness lovers but who are not yet in possession of the “bitten apple” watch.

Confirmed by American editorial staff MacRumorsFinally it is possible to use the subscription service Fitness+ on devices Other than the Apple Watch: Let’s thinkiPhoneBut alsoApple TV. Above all, it confirms that ecosystems and software services are integral concepts for the Cupertino company.

Moreover, apple The decision to proceed precisely at a particularly intense moment in terms of software: the iOS development team is actually struggling with some updates aimed at improving the user experience with the new system update and its first beta testing. iOS 16 Which will (finally) bring the battery percentage indicator to iPhones (iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini) that have been omitted so far.

Apple Fitness+ on iPhone without Apple Watch: What you need

Apple Fitness+
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In any case, two need to be satisfied in order to experience innovation requirement Pivotal, one valid for the iPhone and the other for the Apple TV: both, in fact, need to be updated to the latest version of the operating system created by Apple and so respectively iOS 16.1 and tvOS 16.1.

However, it should be added that, although important, the entry of Fitness + outside the Apple Watch will not replicate the same experience of use and operation that can be obtained with the “Apple” watch. Especially, iPhone owners, without an Apple Watch They will not see For example real-time parameters eg Heart rate and calorie burn During a workout. And the reason is soon stated: to enhance these results, it is necessary to take advantage of the appropriate sensors of the Apple smartwatch.

We remember that Apple Fitness+ Available in Italy since last year after being presented in 2020. The service guarantees a library of over 3,000 training videos for a variety of sports and offers a variety of meditation techniques with new content updated every week. The Fitness + subscription costs 9.99 euros per month or 79.99 euros per year.

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