Apple has a patent to improve the iPad keyboard. This is how it really comes close to a laptop –


Lack of clipboard mode. Problems with the iPad being unplugged / reconnected. Viewing angles are not really performing. There are only three of the countless problems that keep Apple’s device from still working as a laptop. At least so far.

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Already, the Cupertino giant is considering further changes for the iPad, unveiling the latest patent. Patently Apple: The focus is precise Magic keyboardWhich could jump on the next generation of iPads one by one.

Yes, iPads are becoming an important business tool for any growing user: you don’t just play with iPads, now you work on them. And also good, even if our writing is a little complicated. Many are already accustomed to this type of writing, but it is natural that with a keyboard everything will be easier. For everyone.

Finally Apple is a dedicated container for pencils

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With the advent of the iPadOS 16, the iPad Pro in particular has never been better equipped to handle all the tasks that a typical Mac can do. However, there is one important accessory thing an iPad needs to raise its bar and be like a laptop: a keyboard.

With a price tag that can reach as high as $ 349, nothing more is expected than excellence Magic keyboard From Apple. Unfortunately, this is not the case with its current iteration. There are at least three major flaws, in fact, in this important Apple accessory that creates or breaks the laptop-iPad experience.

First, the current Magic keyboard for the iPad lacks something that almost all options on the market (including Smart keyboard folio Equipped by Apple): A clipboard mode. Hence the importance of this patent. Which provides, following the Cupertino patent, a way to configure the keyboard to allow users to use the iPad as a normal laptop.

Nowadays, in reality, users need to separate the iPad from the Magic Keyboard to use the touch interface effectively. This exposes the iPad and there is a possibility of damage. Viewing angles supported by the keyboard are not ideal for input alone Touchscreen Prolonged

The patent solves this problem by providing additional support for a clipboard mode that allows users to easily fold the keyboard and type on the touch surface. In addition, the patent solves another significant problem with the current Magic Keyboard: it adds a dedicated containerApple pencil. Currently, the latter attaches magnetically to the iPad, but this solution rarely holds up and the pencil falls off very easily.

Patents that lack protection Magic keyboard It should be provided, but currently it is not. For the rest, there are great things for Apple’s keyboard, perhaps in the near future the iPad won’t be able to replace the laptop in need.

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