Apple has launched a fantastic innovation for its customers: now they can choose –


Apple never stops and, in anticipation of the big autumn event, the market is already bringing new products to its products. This includes MagSafe, which is coming up with a pretty nice addition soon

We are apparently approaching the most important time of the year Apples. After the summer, the company‚Äôs new flagship products will now hold a classic keynote presentation. Obviously IPhone 14, Highly anticipated and discussed for several months. Don’t forget the various accessories and the new iOS 16 operating system.

Apple has decided to launch some interesting news about MagSafe Charger Cable (Adobe Stock)

Meanwhile, the same Cupertino’s OEM It is already focusing on adding a little news and extra goodies to its products on the market. As an example MagsafIts charger with magnetic adapter which – among other things – is also available in newer 7 MacBook Pro M1 Pro e Max e MacBook Air M2. With the advent of pre-order, experts have discovered another innovation.

Apple’s MagSafe, more color tones have come

magsafe 20220709
As of yesterday, two additional colors of the cable are available, which have already been added to the present (screenshot)

If it was possible to buy them exclusively in Silver Tone until the previous generation, Apple has updated its store and added better in the last few hours. Two new colors Magsaf for the cable. We are talking specifically about Midnight and the Galaxy. A choice that was clearly indicated by the desire to cover the new ones with unprecedented color options MacBook Air M2. However, cider gray is available, which is by far the most popular.

In colored wires Silver and Space Gray It was included in the package MacBook Pro M1 Pro and Max, And they will also be in the MacBook Air M2. The big news that Apple is thinking about is giving consumers the opportunity to buy something next time. For the benefit of MagSafe 3, however, there is nothing new compared to what is already available. The price has also remained the same 55 euros At the company’s official store in California.

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