Apple (in the near future) projected: the latest chips will be exclusive to iPhone 15 and later Pro models


The iPhone 14 hasn’t come out yet, with virtually everything known (a no-brainer for most of the Pro versions, further improvements in the photographic sector) and yet the Cupertino giant has already been projected out.

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Apples The strategy will follow that the latest iPhone chips will be exclusive to iPhone 15 and later Pro models. The confirmation comes directly from the latest report by authentic analyst Kuo.

Apple is expected to make its latest A16 processor Exclusive for models Pro Range IPhone 14 And that diversification strategy will become an annual trend in future iPhone series.

Apple and those eyes for the iPhone Pro version

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Earlier this year, Kuo claimed that only models iPhone 14 Pro Equipped with an A16 chip, standard “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14” Max models will be equipped with a chip A15. The prophecy was interesting for two reasons.

First, Apples Always used the same chip in all models IPhone Of the same series. Second, the last time Apple re-used a previous generation processor on a new iPhone, both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G used chips. ARM 11 identical at 412 MHz.

Despite the lack of recent precedents, Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gurman He then agreed with Kuo’s expectations, suggesting that “in addition to trying to differentiate the Pro,” the ongoing chip shortage could contribute to Apple’s decision to limit the next chip to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

However, Well Now he says the chip shortage isn’t a reason to drive Apple’s thinking, and plans to create an exclusive new and faster chip for the Pro iPhone model are part of a long-term diversification strategy. This will apply to next year’s iPhone 15 series and future iPhones after 2023.

Written on his blog Medium, Kuo reiterated that the latest A16 chip will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro model, “significantly increasing the shipping rate of the new high-end iPhone model to 2H22 by 55-60% (as opposed to the previous 40-50%)” high-end rear camera component Those with suppliers will benefit. In line with this strategy “. Already here tomorrow.

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