Apple insisted that Samsung had copied its iPhone


Companies have been competing in the smartphone market for quite some time now, even with these Apples Continue to remain the leader in terms of sales. And in a recent interview, one of its officials reaffirmed that Samsung Galaxy Many ideas have been stolen.

The current head of marketing Apple, Greg JoswalkHe said The Wall Street Journal That South Korean company copies several functions IPhone Carries with it, how the phone is used from the screen. After talking a little about American technology companies in the past, it became clear that Mr. Steve Jobs.

Here you can watch the video:

These interviews have been taken with senior officials from ApplesCelebrating the 15th anniversary from the first of all IPhone Sold to the general public. Given the historical context of how the first purchase was made, the tracking of the device and other issues that involve different generations and their contributions.

It’s worth commenting Samsung It has already had some legal battles against Apple, which happened about six years ago, when Apple launched a lawsuit for patent infringement. And indeed, the lawyer for the trial company Steve Jobs, Forcing South Koreans to pay millionaire figures for screen use.

Via: The Wall Street Journal


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