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Two weeks after the previous version, Apple is now making the third beta version of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 available to developers. Among the innovations is a significant and “historic” return: it will be possible to download legendary marine wallpapers. “Clownfish” that Apple used for iPhone 2G. Here are all the details.

In the third beta version of iOS, Apple has relaunched the legendary 2007 wallpaper “Clowfish” –

One month ago, on the occasion of the World Wide Developers Conference Apples First announcement Son Operating system iOS 16 Ed iPadOS 16. Then, two weeks ago, the second release and There it is now Third.

Again, “Brother!” Therefore, I. Download Registered for developers Apple’s developer centerThose who evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the operating system can test its latest innovations, Strengths and weaknesses.

There’s also a colorful comeback, a “Memorial“Cupertino has been defined by many as historic: it’s nothing less than marine wallpaper with fish.”Clownfish“Which Apple used foriPhone 2Gcon Steve Jobs The person who turned it on 2007 And which is now downloadable and comes back to be installed on devices.

Major new features in the third beta version of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

iOS Beta 3 Release 8 July 2022
In beta 3 versions for iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Lock Screen Calendar will no longer provide details of the next event to enhance privacy and security.

Among the major innovations in the third beta version, Apple “Locked“(Which we told you in this article), support for Photo Library To share iCloudNew Font For lock screens, newer arrangements for the larger Privacy And improvementInterface.

The innovations of the beta 3 have therefore been combined with the first two versions, in which we note the inclusion Widget, Wallpaper e New function On the screen BlockLots of enhancements Message You e MailAs well as related functions Active text And Visual search.

Allows a significant increase in the functions of the new operating system, especially for iPadOS 16 Multitasking And connecting to an external monitor via function Stage managerDesigned to improve Entertainment. In addition to the new method Collaboration Dedicated to the app Message And browser updates Safari.

According to Apple’s announcement, The Get started The new operating system is planned for the next Petni. In the meantime, we are waiting for new details, suggestions, improvements and feedback from the developers

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