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As expected a few weeks ago, Apple has its first official repair kit ready to replace the battery. Here’s what you need to know about it

It has been talked about for some time now, and the first delivery has finally arrived. Apples Has developed a Repair kit Official for iPhone battery replacement. A useful tool to allow even authorized repair centers to proceed with iPhone repairs.

Apple Kit 20220524
The new Apple Repair Kit is being shipped to first-time users who have ordered it, but it doesn’t live up to expectations (Adobe Stock).

At least as expected, everything suggests a series of pocket-sized devices that have launched in the market That’s exactly what I did. According to The Verge’s Shawn Hollister, the opposite is true. His testimony speaks for itself A good 36 kg briefcase!

Here’s what you need to know about Apple, the repair kit

Apple Kit 20220524
This will be a case where the weight is a good 36 kg and far from practical (Adobe Stock).

Convenience is certainly not the right adjective for a new repair kit Apples. Shawn Hollister, a reporter for The Verge, explains that this simple tool is actually a large suitcase. Which weighs 36 kg. Inside, of course, there are extra batteries and all the necessary tools to unlock the iPhone, to remove the old cell and insert the new one without damaging the smartphone.

Verge did not use half the system, directly blaming Apple for what was designed. In the United States, shipments began in late April and reached all users who ordered. There will be customers One week time To send everything back. And if the deadline is not met, there is even a 1200 euro fine! It remains to be seen whether Cupertino will decide whether to respond to the OEM complaint, perhaps working on his kit to make it more practical. And above all by removing the late payment in case of failure to repay within the established time. There is no specific information about it at the moment, also and above all considering that it is still a “young” project.


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