Apps, power and its dark side: They share personal data, the numbers are staggering


There is no doubt that in the age of technology, where smartphones are the master and applications represent a plus to the life of any person on the face of the earth, the focus is on those programs created to be installed on the devices, which are able to communicate with them. The components of the mobile phone and the user who uses it, are always alive. The power of an application is now in the public domain. But also its dark side.

Yes, the problem with apps is that they share personal data, currently a bargaining chip (especially on the dark web) worth more than Rs. Cryptocurrency including

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There are many companies interested in the personal data of users, if not because the data can generate huge income, as happens from the profiling of our habits and interests, because one in two applications (55.2%) share data. As a user analyzes with third parties disguise, A company that deals with the removal of personal information from data brokers.

Tech giants collect most of the data but claim they share less. Free apps share an average of 7 times more data points than paid apps. Popular apps with more than 500,000 downloads share an average of 6.15 times more data points than less popular apps. The worst category for data sharing is “Shopping,” where apps share an average of 5.72 data points. Social media apps collect the most data, with an average of 19.18 data points collected. 13.4% of apps share your location with third parties.

Difference Between Free and Paid Apps

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from investigation unknown Interestingly, Meta likes apps facebook, Facebook Lite, Messenger Light, Messenger e Instagram They collect most of the information about a user while claiming to share very little. By their own admission, they only share 4 data points but actually collect 36 out of 37 data points – in short, almost everything there is to know about the user.

Surprisingly, social media apps are not even in the top 5 categories that share the most data. However, when it comes to data collection, they are the worst offenders, with an average of 19.18 data points collected. Social media is closely followed by companies, who collect an average of 18 data points.

The study is linked to another study conducted by Oxford University, which found that apps share your data with an average of 10 companies. If 55%, 2 apps in the Play Store share your data with third parties, the remaining 44.8% who do not share your data, more than two thirds (69.77%) are paid apps.

Payment or not, application Google Play Store They have an exceptional power, but be careful when we download them, we also think of its dark side, just as powerful.

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