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In the last few hours, a very first picture of the new ASUS ZenFone 9 has popped up on the net In terms of features you will see some interesting backgrounds on the device

ASUS is feeling one of its most prosperous periods of 2022. Yesterday we told you about the new Disease Phone 6 Pro, Designed for gaming and which specifically focuses on an unprecedented amount of RAM memory. But that’s not all, because now we are preparing to launch the new one ZenFone 8.

asus zenfone 20220707
The first images published on the net related to the new ASUS ZenFone 9 show us some additional specifications in detail (screenshot)

Consumer expectations are already great, also and above all due to the success of previous generations. In the last few hours, a first image of the device has appeared, which shows in more detail Design. And you also see some interesting extra features that we haven’t talked about yet

ASUS ZenFone 9, all the information has come up here

asus zenfone 20220707
The photographic module will be dual-lens, for top-of-the-range quality. Also, a side touch button will be inserted with many features that have never been seen before (screenshot)

According to what emerges from its imageASUS ZenFone 9, The company decided to focus on its new feature called ZenTouch. Thanks all Sensor smart key Sidebar, which will allow you to browse pages directly, for example, by swiping with your finger. And will provide maximum customization for users who can easily decide to program it With double press or elongated one.

Among the speculations, it is thought that ASUS could integrate the smart key Power button. The latter will become like a fingerprint with a sliding operation. Another interesting fact concerns Dual camera solution, As already seen with the Zenfone 8 and Rog Phone 6 Pro. The front of the back will be completely flat and a dull blue. The edges are rather round. Also note attendance Jack audio 3.5mm. It remains to be seen when and when the presentation of the new device will take place. There is still no information on this or about the possible launch price. We will definitely talk about it again Next week


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