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Let’s talk about posts, and therefore about social networks, something that now seems unable to do without anyone. Social networks are part of our daily lives, and are now used for leisure, sharing with friends, but increasingly for commercial and business purposes. In fact, more and more people and companies are using sharing platforms to do their business.

We know that, Posts are publications that we place on social networks To communicate whether through text, video or images that we want to share with those who follow us or visit us. A problem that often occurs, however, is that We couldn’t find a previously published post On one of our social networks. Now let’s see how to do it.

Post History (Web Source)
Post History (Web Source)

is the most known and used social network Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, Each of which has its own features that have led users to choose the most suitable for their taste and needs. Currently Instagram and Facebook are the most used in general, TikTok which was born more for young people, opening up to companies and the largest; Twitter, on the other hand, maintains its niche of people who love to “tweet” and is also a reference for certain characters and topics, undoubtedly an important source on some topics.

Twitter, how to download post history

Those who use social networks know how important it is Chronology of publication, even to help in a moment to tidy up from all points of view, but above all do not lose all the work done from the moment of registration on the platform. The issue of keeping a history of posts is also important for those who work in social networks, and in any case for those who want to change their account or open a new one.

Tweet Archive (Canva)
Tweet Archive (Canva)

Cultur-e specifically helped to understand how to do specifically Twitter, has a history of tweets that have been published. Actually not everyone knows that You can download tweet history, But the important thing is to do it from a PC and not from a mobile phone. The first thing, which many often underestimate, is to remember Email address (as well as telephone number) associated with the account The social network is actually active, and above all it can be consulted at any time.

then using Desktop version of Twitter, You need to go to the left menu and select “other”then “Settings and Privacy”,
election “Your Account” And click on “Download an archive of your data”. At this point, a code will be generated which will be sent to the email address or mobile number associated with the account, to verify the identity of the person making the request. This step is very important for the security and privacy of the account owner user.

Once the code is received, it must be entered on the screen “We sent you a code”, and proceeding with the “Next” button, you will reach “Twitter Data”; Now you can select “Archive request” After a few hours you will receive an email or a notification on the same platform (in the notification section), informing you that you can proceed with download, by the indicated deadline.


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