Big news has arrived for all photo lovers directly on WhatsApp, chat –



WhatsApp hasn’t been updated for days? Don’t worry, he’s not out of ideas: he’s already rolling out a new feature that aims to dramatically improve the app overnight. The future feature is designed for all users and probably we will not be disappointed at all.

Big news comes for all photo lovers directly on Whatsapp chat
All platforms envy it –

Captions, a new concept for WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t stop even for a day with implementing its features. In fact, the app recently announced that it is working on a feature Editing messagesAnd now a new report shows that it is putting its forces on another option that will allow app users to forward all kinds of media files with a caption.

WaBetaInfo, a WhatsApp update sharing website, talks about it, saying that developers are working on a new feature that will allow users to forward images, videos, GIFs and documents. Caption The website feature has been spotted in the beta version of Android of the future app and may be used soon.

The new settings utility is another highly requested feature

Big news comes for all photo lovers directly on Whatsapp chat
Meta is always one step ahead with WhatsApp –

But let’s go step by step: currently we know that we can add captions during iForwarding a message. With the new functionality, as it is released, users will be able to add labels to the message so that recipients know the context of the media file before downloading their own file. Smartphone.

And again according to WaBetaInfo, the new interface will appear when the user tries to share or forward a support to his contacts. People will have the option to share media or write captions during the processWhich isn’t bad, but be warned: this feature is currently under development and, as always, will be released to beta testers first.

WhatsAppAs if all this was not enough, it is also developing a message editing function. Like Twitter’s edit button, it will allow users to edit posts within a certain time frame, but if you remember correctly, we’ve already covered that. Apart from this, it has recently started responding to other’s states with emojis for iOS users.

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