Netflix offers spatial audio, starting with Stranger Things


Usually when watching a movie you want to take care of the highest possible fidelity, it is through a screen that applies a high resolution and audio training system that mimics the movie. Netflix Realizing that many people are already using spatial words, this is why the feature has been implemented through a collaboration.

This has been announced through the official website of the company. Sennheiser, Ensuring that all customers can use this feature from now on The name of the technology that makes this possible AMBEO 2-channel spatial audioWhich has been incorporated into spatial audio that was already available to expand space and possibilities.

Stranger things

It is worth noting that this function can only be used in certain series and movies, it will not be a complete catalog. The first example is taken from its fourth season Stranger things, Which can already be heard in this way. For its part, they will have new audio as the new season of the original production arrives.

Best of all, it can be activated on any device without any restrictions between televisions, cell phones, tablets, computers and others. All you have to do is type “local audio” in the search bar to find out which programs have options. From there, productions that have already activated special functions will appear

Via: Netflix


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