Buy the Pixel 6 instead – What was wrong with the Pixel 6a?


If the new Google Pixel 6a is a mistake, will Google approach the mid-range smartphone differently? Ironically, Google itself is making itself the biggest competition.

If you read our and other test reports, the conclusion is almost always the same. With the Pixel 6a, Google delivers a very good smartphone, but there are only a few very clear arguments for it. For a price range of 459 euros, it lacks features that should have been normal for a long time now. But the real problem lies elsewhere.

The update guarantee makes almost no difference

That’s because the Pixel 6 is a bit bigger and a bit older, which now costs barely more than the Pixel 6a. As far as the update guarantee is concerned, there are hardly any difficulties, at least not with newer Android versions. Both models get Android up to version 15 and then it’s over.

Only security updates are available for the Pixel 6a for several months due to its later market launch.

The hardware basically speaks for the Pixel 6

In Pixel 6 you get more memory, a faster and brighter 90 Hz OLED display, fast charging up to 30 watts and wireless charging. Also, modern cameras with a large image sensor, which brings some advantages, especially in difficult situations, and offers more options in Google Camera.

In this comparison, the significantly smaller housing favors the Pixel 6a, even if the display is only 0.3″ smaller. It just feels good in the hand. It is less than 3 mm in width and less than 7 mm in length. Also, the Pixel 6a weighs 30g less. A plus point for convenient handling. Finally, the camera protrudes much less.

Not much to say about the software. There is almost no difference here. Thanks to Google Tensor, the Pixel 6a has almost everything the Pixel 6 has. Other than camera features depending on camera hardware. Speaking of software, the Pixel 6a produces such good photo quality that the difference between more expensive models is usually minimal.

The price difference is very small now

What hurts the Pixel 6a in a direct comparison is the price difference, which is almost non-existent now. The new mid-range phone starts at an RRP of €459 and the Pixel 6 has now dropped to around that price. 525 euros is now almost standard, and offers are even lower.

Google is cannibalizing itself here They should have either kept the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro prices more stable or equipped the Pixel 6a with a cheaper MSRP. The Pixel 6a may have a tough time in the first few months.

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