Censorship has arrived for WhatsApp, users: new function makes everyone crazy



If we talk about WhatsApp, we are not talking about a simple application, but about something that has affected every aspect of our daily life. The instant messaging app, which uses internet connection, has completely changed the way of communication, but also the way of working has changed so much that it is now used by professionals and organizations to share audio, video and even documents.

WhatsApp, like all applications, is constantly updated both to meet the needs of users and to improve their experience and to keep up with the competition. The Meta-owned app is the most famous and used with Telegram, with which it often competes while maintaining its own features.

News on WhatsApp
News on WhatsApp (Canva)

As we have already said, there are applications Constantly updated, and every innovation is anticipated and announced as a real event. We know not all of them are appreciated by users, but each change brings something more to the app’s usability.

WhatsApp, the news that is shared is concerned with pictures

According to Webinfo, WhatsApp is launching a Blur tool for photos For some beta testers on WhatsApp Desktop Beta.

Blurred Whatsapp Images
Blurred WhatsApp Image (Source Webtinfo)

Novelty is of particular concern Introducing new tools for the drawing editor, with a blur tool, Very useful for masking and censoring parts of the image that, for various reasons, need to be blurred; The novelty has already been launched for some beta testers, and the special site explains that, during the development of the function, WhatsApp has created two blur tools so that you can also edit images using an alternative blur effect.

Ambiguity will not be stable, however Actually it will be possible to select the size, in order to apply the effect with accuracy, we need to send as per the graphic demand of the photo. With this update, chances are Apply this change directly to the image in real timeWithout resorting to editing the app’s external programs, it will be very useful to speed up the usage even more

If to find out The feature has already been activated in your account, just try sending an image and see if the blur button appears like the image above. Since the blur tool has been released to some beta testers, if you don’t have it yet, you’ll have to wait for a future update as it rolls out to more users in the coming weeks.


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