Change the look of WhatsApp and customize it to your liking: Just follow this trick


Did you know that it is possible to customize some aspects of the WhatsApp interface and make it unique? Just follow a quick and convenient strategy, which is already making its way on the web and winning over thousands of users

Remains the world’s number one messaging platform WhatsApp. Despite the continuous growth of such great giants Telegram ad Instagram, The service provided by Mark Zuckerberg connects millions of users every day to talk and exchange multimedia content with friends, relatives, colleagues and more.

There’s a quick and convenient trick that will allow you to further customize WhatsApp (Adobe Stock)

It should be recognized for the great work that continues to be done every day development team, That doesn’t seem to want to stop. From now until the end of the year, a series of very interesting news is expected, which will further improve the service. But not only that, because tricks are also popping up For more customization of the app.

Here is the way to change font in WhatsApp, it’s very easy

You never thought you could To customize the font of WhatsApp? This is not a utopia, but rather a simple technique that allows you to make the messaging platform more unique. There are actually two ways to complete the task, one is immediate and the other requires a few more steps Both are valid Both Android and iPhone, So you can rest assured.

Whatsapp font 20220921
The method is quick and 100% effective. Just download the external app or follow a procedure directly within the individual chat (Adobe Stock)

First you need to open the application and then do a specific chat. At this point, enter a text and then select it by holding down. You will be presented with several options for submitting text In bold, italic or strikethrough. Nothing could be simpler, your content will receive a unique and non-standard font.

But there are other systems, much more complicated but with much better results. However, you need to download external applications to make various changes. Several and all are fully functional. Among these Fontify, cool fonts for chat style, Instagram bio or fancy fonts. Once you’ve pasted the message you want to send, you can make any changes you want using the various tools available through the various apps. Once this is done, copy the text again and Paste it in WhatsApp. You will find that everything will be unique and 100% personalized.

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