Comment on Google Pixel 7 and Watch: Please don’t repeat big mistakes



For Google, the clock is ticking if you mean smartwatch and smartphone sales figures in the home market and internationally. Currently, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate, while Xiaomi seems to have no chance of competition around. Google is committed to breaking the duopoly.

The first Pixel Watch has been around for a long time

But the group needs a lot of time to be able to offer such devices at all. We had to wait more than four years for the first Pixel watch. Meanwhile, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple is currently selling the Watch Series 8. Google has rocked the price of the Pixel Watch, so expectations are high.

Google has been involved with smartphones for a long time, but overall it has almost failed. Although the growth of the company’s own sales figures has increased significantly recently, it cannot be seen in an exclusively positive light. More information about the sales figures reveals that the Pixel 6 series didn’t do as well as we thought.

The Pixel 6 series has been without long-term success

While the Pixel 5 has a modest plus, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 significantly outperform the Pixel 6 series. Google’s efforts in hardware and marketing are showing an uptick, but they still lag behind their own sales figures.

The Pixel 6 series was the second most successful generation after its launch in the first half of the year, but sales declined later. There is a reason for this.

Idc sales figures Pixel series up to Pixel 6

In the US, Google makes the switch Today’s ad, which underscores with its message how Google values ​​its own level of awareness as a smartphone manufacturer. The introduction should read: “Did you know that Google makes a phone?”

It’s surprising that this question should still be asked because Google has been offering its own phones for almost 12 years.

Mistakes should be avoided at all costs

I believe, without being able to back it up with data, initial problems prevent long-term success. Two months after the launch of the Pixel 6, massive problems have surfaced. The updates brought bugs that made the smartphones partially unusable I myself had serious problems with reception on two devices.

Google pulled Record and had to temporarily stop providing updates. You can save everything later with updates, but trust is broken. I understand those who were unsure and gave up on the Pixel 6 smartphone despite the good price or even returned their device.

With these problems, Google has lost the market launch of its first cell phones with its own processor platform. All must be forgotten by now. But it is clear that such mistakes will never happen again. The first major updates, like the Pixel feature drop in December, need to run smoothly.

Pixelbook and Stadia: The new cloud has arrived

Because you’re hitting yourself with unfortunate titles these days. These include the surprise end of Pixelbooks and the early end of Stadia. A shadow is on the group’s project and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Although you can already tell that the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch are early Start with almost no problems.

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