Daniel Radcliffe explains why he went against JK Rowling




A news that is not new to the entertainment world is causing controversy JK RowlingAuthor of the book harry potter, The same person who made negative comments about transgenders. This led some of the actors participating in the film to turn against him, as they did not want their comments to be interpreted as “everyone’s voice”.

This led to the same main actor in the story, Daniel Radcliffe, to point out that he did not agree with the English writer’s comments, so he had already treated him cordially since then. And now, in a new interview, he points out that his ideals collided when he saw that not all people from this minority community received much support.

Here is his comment:

When I felt like I needed to say something was, especially since I finished ‘Potter’, I’ve met a lot of queer and trans kids and young people who had a lot of identities. And seeing them hurt that day, I thought I wanted them to know that not everyone in the franchise feels that way. And that was really important.

Radcliffe He wrote an open letter in June 2020 , where he clearly and definitively expressed his unwavering support for transgender people. The letter is posted on the website The Trevor ProjectAn organization that operates the world’s largest suicide prevention hotline for young people LGBTQ+. Radcliffe It has been an outspoken supporter The Trevor Project from 2010.

Because of that, the actor could not defend the author about the comments on social networks. Because it would go against the norm it wants to protect.

Through: Indiewire


Publisher’s Note: The letter must have been difficult for Radcliffe to write, since he was very fond of the lady who created the franchise that was partly the reason he rose to fame. However, here the question of separating the author from the work may apply.


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