DAZN: Sting for users, they are all very worried



There’s really no peace for Italian Serie A football: since Sky lost exclusive access to DAZN for matches in the top Italian football championship, there’s a new one every day. And DAZN, which has indeed become the reference broadcaster of Italian and international football, does not seem to live up to the role it has been given.

Connection problems, inefficiency during football matches, coincidentally always the most interesting things from the point of view of the score: in short, this company has more and more dissatisfied customers, who have signed a strong contract. TIM, That in spite of everything remained on the crest of the wave.

DAZN - Cellulari.it 20221023
DAZN – Cellulari.it

And as if that was not enough, it gave a good sting to its users, limiting the possibility of sharing accounts and above all increasing the price of all subscriptions that precisely provide this possibility, that is to share the subscription among several people.

Prices and surcharges

There are two types of subscription for subscription: a DAZN For those who want to participate in football games Serie A Team 2022/2023: Standard subscription and Plus subscription.

Serie A TIM - Cellulari.it 20221023
Serie A TIM – Cellulari.it

The standard subscription will cost 29.99 euros per month and will allow you to simultaneously join live events and on-demand content on two devices registered to the platform but which must be connected to the same home internet.

Therefore, this subscription method will not allow you to share the account between two people living in two different houses, at least not at the same time. The standard plan allows you to register up to two devices in the DAZN app, but you can always use it DAZN When in motion but not using another registered device.

Instead, it is necessary to spend 39.99 euros per month and then subscribe to the Plus subscription to be able to watch live matches broadcast by DAZN and on-demand content on two devices registered to the platform, even if not connected to the platform, the same Internet network.

With this plan you can register on the platform 6 devices At the same time and while one member of the family can watch the game from home, another member can watch the game from another place.

You can use the Service with such subscription DAZN Running, with vision contemporary. But even in this case there are limitations: in fact, only those who subscribe to the subscription and their cohabitants can use the service. DAZN through the same account. Login credentials are private and cannot be shared, customers can use them to allow partners to access the platform


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