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It has been 11 years since the last time a green lantern It was a live action adaptation. However, a few years ago it was confirmed that a series focusing on Guy Gardner and Alan Scott’s characters was already in development. Now, in a move that will sound like a surprise, this production has not only changed, but radically Now we will see the focus on Jon Stewart characterBut this project has been completely relaunched.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, following the departure of DC Films president Walter Hamada, the Green Lantern series has also lost its lead writer, who already had eight scripts ready centered on Guy Gardner and Alan Scott. This is not all. Since the focus of this series has also changedAnd now Jon Stewart will star in this production, something fans have been waiting for years.

with this, It has been confirmed that multiple producers have left the project, with Greg Berlanti, responsible for the Arrowverse, still attached to the project as an executive producer. Similarly, the budget for the series will no longer be the $120 million expected and, although the exact amount has not been disclosed, the number will be lower.

For its part, Eight original scripts will be used as a way to save $2 to $2.5 million in taxesSo this work will never see the light of day. Thus, the Green Lantern series has no director, writer, lead actor, and only Berlanti speaks within the project.

In related matters, James Gunn became co-chairman of DC Films. Similarly, James Cameron criticizes Marvel and DC heroes.


Editor’s note:

While this may sound like a series of bad news, without Jon Stewart’s involvement, these changes could very well benefit the production. While the small budget sounds disappointing, bringing in a new team would be perfect to introduce the beloved Green Lantern to the DCEU.

Through: The Hollywood Reporter


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