Decisive news for Android: The green robot may overtake Apple



Big news is coming on the Android front as well. A recent change that has just emerged could make Google’s operating system even better than iOS from a certain point of view.

Efforts by various private companies and national authorities to ensure more complete network coverage are there for all to see. All the more so in recent years, with Antenna 5G Which is uproarious all over the world. Needless to underline, however, there are several areas of the world where even a simple call is not possible.

Android 14 20220903
According to what has been raised, there is a big news that can be very useful for Android compared to Apple (Adobe stock).

A very long task remains to be done, which is also being focused by private sector organizations. Specifically, a possible solution might be that Support for satellite connection. In this case, however, smartphone and operating system manufacturers also come into play. Like Google, which may have an ace up its sleeve As far as Android is concerned.

In Android 14, there’s something new that could change everything forever

The news must be taken with a grain of salt, considering it was launched a few weeks ago Android 13 Google is yet to provide customized version of operating system for Pixel and all other brands

Android 14 20220903
In fact, there is talk of support for satellite connections for cellular networks (Adobe Stock).

Big G will be working on something bigger, which may already materialize through presentation Android 14 Scheduled for next year. Always about guaranteeing good network coverage, if not total in some cases. But a very significant effort will be required, perhaps too much considering the short timeframe.

According to Google’s senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer, However, the next version of the green robot should be included Support for satellite connection Smartphone. The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate dead cellular network zones, currently only in the United States. This seems to be an increasingly widespread phenomenon. Consider recent deals in between SpaceX and T-Mobileor even showing interest in it By Apple and Qualcomm. We will see if this actually becomes a reality in a year. It must be said that there is time to work on it, but perhaps not enough time to implement this kind of revolution.


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