Did Google ditch the Pixel 4 (XL)’s wireless charging and say, “Fuck it”?


Wireless charging on Pixel 4 XL did not work for many users for two months. With the update guarantee ending, there is a fear that Google will no longer fix this error. Recent events do not exactly give hope.

Google seems to be ignoring the error or simply has no solution ready. Pixel 4 XL (2019) users say they can’t charge their device wirelessly after updating to Android 13. The September and October Pixel updates didn’t change that.

This week, more and more people are reporting that they haven’t noticed any improvements since October’s latest Pixel update. The flaw has been known even since the beta phase of Android 13. In any case, nothing was mentioned about this issue in the last changelog. In theory, this was the last update of the Pixel 4 series.

Google made a mistake and left users in the dark

Google does not comment and more and more people are complaining about this error. A last hope very last update. Google usually provides one last update to smartphones after their update guarantee expires. Affected Pixel 4 XL users are now hoping for a bug fix.

A possible solution written by an affected user:

“I was able to fix it by clearing the cache/data in the Google Pixel Stand app and then rebooting into safe mode. In safe mode I was able to pair the Pixel 4xl with my Pixel Stand and it started charging. I restarted the phone in normal mode and Then wireless charging worked for me again.”

I don’t think Google actually ignores the problem. But it needs a customer-friendly bugfix and is probably a bit more difficult. You can try the instructions just posted.

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