Whatsapp: Sad news for users, ads pop up


An innovation that made people speak to the times and it changed the service forever. WhatsApp is gearing up to welcome ads within the platform, which is very bad news for users. Here’s how it all works

WhatsApp There are still millions of users every day. Proprietary Services Mark Zuckerberg All these years have managed to stay on top of the wave and above all thanks to the work done by the team of developers, attentive to listen to every need of people.

Ads are coming to WhatsApp soon, bad news for users and could significantly change the user experience (Adobe Stock)

The news did not end here, quite the opposite. In fact, several additions are planned between now and the end of the year, some with them and others that aim to radically change the platform. One specifically announced by Meta is already causing discussion, but not in a positive way: they’re coming soon Ads on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will soon have ads, how will it all work?

During a recent meeting with shareholders, meta Soon it was officially announced that Ads will come on WhatsApp. A move that has been justified by the desire to reverse a negative trend recorded in the level of shares in recent quarters, whose value has continued to decline and which has reached its lowest level since the beginning of 2019.

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A machine learning program will be leveraged, as Meta announced. Similar Speeches for Instagram (Adobe Stock)

The idea is to take advantage Machine learning software“To display advertisements for the purpose ofReach people who are likely to buy” without obviously monitoring the content of messages sent and received, a step that should be taken Against the policy imposed by the company.

It is not yet clear how the ads will be shown within the application. These are the expectations of users Don’t be overly aggressive And that they don’t detract from the experience in general. Meta is also well aware of this, since it is a new slip and cannot bear another exit of users on other platforms.

But the news of Zuckerberg did not end there. According to what has emerged, in fact, very soon Instagram Some will take advantage of augmented reality programs For more targeted advertising. Ads will be shown on browse pages based on people’s preferences and their connections with influencers We’ll see if these moves lead to immediate benefits for the meta.

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