Disney may be interested in making a sequel to Crazy Friday



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One of the most beloved movies of the 2000s Disney es A crazy Friday, a tape that is a remake of sorts for a classic that emerged in the 60s. It is worth commenting that it is more liked than the original and it is because of the charisma of the leading actresses, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay LohanThose apparently want sequels.

As I walk down the red carpet The Glass Onion: A Knife Out Mystery of Rian Johnson, Jamie Lee she said diversity That’s both he and Lohan They are “committed” to making this production a reality. Well, fans have been asking for it for years, it’s through social networks, even journalists have asked them.

Curtis said the following:

We are talking. People are talking. The right people are talking. It is not 100% in our power, it comes from Disney. I think they are interested and we are talking. That’s all I can say.

its plot A crazy Friday Casting us as a mother-daughter duo who switch bodies after opening a fortune cookie. The film received positive reviews from critics and grossed over $160 million against a $26 million budget. Curtis received a nomination forl Golden Globes For Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Note that this first part is available here Disney Plus.

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Editor’s note: Now that other classics like Abracadabra or Encantada are getting their respective sequels, I think it’s time to bring the beautiful actresses back to comedy. Will have to wait for more news.


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