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With the DockCase Explorer Edition, an external enclosure will soon be available for M.2 SSDs that want to be more than just a standard enclosure. A special feature is the integrated display, which shows all kinds of data.

An SSD case can be very useful for turning a classic M.2 SSD (test: Crucial P3) into an external storage medium. There is a wide variety of models with and without coolers in the market. Now the dockcase is under one Kickstarter campaign Starting to offer a rather special external case. The Docker Explorer version Available now through crowdfunding platforms, with delivery scheduled for February 2023. The manufacturer currently requires at least 75 euros so

Image: Dockcase

The housing is suitable for M.2 SSDs in M.2 2230, M.2 2260 and M.2 2280 formats. Additionally, cheaper SATA SSDs can be installed, not just NVMe models. According to the manufacturer, the maximum data transfer rate for an NVMe SSD is per USB 3.2 Gen 2 up to 1 GB/s. In addition, there is another USB-C port, which can be used to implement an optional power supply. This means that the case can also be used on smartphones that cannot provide enough power supply. is also interesting Emergency power supplywhich uses a Condenser was implemented. In case of power failure, it acts as a battery, intended to protect the supply for up to ten seconds. This can prevent data loss in case of emergency.

Another unique selling point of the Explorer Edition is this integrated display. It’s a 1.33 inch LCD with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Information about the SSD used can be displayed here. Additionally, detailed information on temperature, voltage or SSD status can be viewed here if desired. Data carrier smart data is probably used for this.


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