Dreame L10s Pro: Floor Mopping Robot with 15% discount



Do you want a smart vacuum robot for your smart home?

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The brand new Dreame L10s Pro has been available in the market since its launch with a decent discount. You can secure the high-performance wiper/vacuum robot with smart obstacle detection and rotating floor mop for just 509 euros to give your smart home a practical gadget.

Last year we were able to test a promising vacuum robot with 3D obstacle detection with the Dreame L10 Pro. However, the L10 Pro wasn’t significantly different from the D9 and camera-based recognition was still error-prone. new Dreame L10s Pro However, should be clear Navigate smarter and better recognize objects lying around. There are also rear rotating mops, which are supposed to effectively remove dirt from the floor and automatically raise when vacuuming a carpet. The “above” L10s Pro has one Strong suction power up to 5,300 Pa.

The Dreame L10s Pro is regularly offered for EUR 599.99, but the robotic vacuum cleaner is currently available 509 euros on Amazon with a 15% discount. On the other hand, if you want to make it more comfortable, you can use the Ultra version, which comes with a great suction and washing station. It not only automatically empties the vacuum robot’s dust container, but also cleans and dries the two mops. for Dreame L10s Ultra However, you have to 1.099,- Euro … put it on the table

Photo: Dream
Photo: Dream

More impressions of Dreame L10s Pro and its Ultra version are waiting for you Our review soon. We’re already experimenting with wiping and vacuuming robots and letting it spread across our editorial offices. So stay tuned! 👏

Info: Unfortunately, it’s not clear how long the offer is valid on Amazon. Campaign may end at any time and while stocks last.

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