Elden Ring is one of the most successful games in the United States


Elden Ring It is still an event. Five months after launch, it was revealed that the From Software game was once again at the top of the best-selling games in the US, already one of the most successful of the year and It is currently among the top 10 in this country’s history.

According to Matt Piscatella of the NPD Group, an organization responsible for providing data on video game and console sales in the United States, Elden Ring It was ranked as the top best seller in this market in June 2022And this is the fourth month, out of five that it has been in the market, where it has earned this spot with excellent sales.

And if that’s not enough, Elden Ring It is among the top 10 best-selling games of all time in the US market in terms of dollar sales Similarly, It was the only new game to make the top 10 list for June Mario Strikers: Battle League, which came in third. Finally, its launch Sunbreak Because of that Monster Hunter Rise It rose to number 13 from number 30 last month

These were the best-selling games in June 2022.


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undoubtedly, A very interesting moment in FromSoftware’s history. While the company’s games have always achieved million-dollar sales, it took years for each game to achieve the numbers that the Elden Ring did in the day, and it seems the game’s popularity will continue.

On a related note, it was the best-selling console in the first half of the year Similarly, it will look like this Elden Ring Like a SNES game.


Editor’s note:

Elden Ring It’s a great game, and it’s nice to see people recognizing it However, the fact that this title continues to be the number one seller also reveals that we haven’t seen a very strong launch since February. Considering this could change in the second half of the year, it will be interesting to see if FromSoftware’s work comes out on top.

Through: Matt Piscatella

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