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Elvenar, the incredibly popular fantasy city building simulation from InnoGames, challenges players to build a magical elf city or an innovative human city. In this event, the nature-loving witch Mrs. Sniffles is in search of animal spirits to help her through a ritual, but surprisingly the forest is completely empty. Along with his new friend, Mr. Stand-Up Caller, he is determined to solve the mystery of the inexplicable disappearance of these otherwise diverse spirit beasts.

The story revolves around Mrs. Sniffles and her spooky adventures in the surrounding forest. Players must help him complete his quest to acquire magical ingredients for his equipment. Thanks to the help of a friendly spirit he meets along the way, he gets closer to a powerful creature hiding deep in the forest.

Players will earn rewards for helping Mrs. Sniffles and her headless friend Mr. Stand-Up Caller get closer to the heart of the forest and the ancient powers that lurk there. By doing so, players can collect various rewards including Uncanny Clinic, goods, items and mana.

This event offers players beautiful graphics and disturbingly cool moments. From strange dolls to spooky coffins, there are many magical things to do in the forest the night before All Saints Day.

With all the horrors, spells and rewards available, the Halloween event is the latest example of exciting and lovingly designed events to discover in Elvener.

Elvener is free-to-play and available on Android and iOS mobile devices!

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